beer battered cod serving suggestion

Beer Batter Recipe

Here is my beer batter recipe. I love beer batter fish and chips, my local chipper makes a great fish and chips. There is also this phenomenon in Ireland and the United Kingdom called National Fish and Chips day once a year where you get your fish and chips half price, so after the last Fish and Chips day, I decided to try make a traditional fish and chips at home and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I’ll cover that in another post but I wanted to just have a post to turn to when I just want to make the beer batter for other things. Continue reading

cream cheese serving suggestion

Parmesan Cream Cheese Chicken Recipe

This is my baked parmesan cream cheese chicken recipe that is made with simple ingredients and tastes delicious. I coat the chicken with bread crumbs to give it a bit of extra crunch and I’ll always lash in extra parmesan cheese. Definitely not my healthiest recipe but it’s good to treat yourself from time to time.

I’ve made this dish for dinner parties or just for a night in front of the tele. The hardest part to this dish is turning on the oven and it always tastes delicious – you can’t go wrong with it. Continue reading