salmon on pasta

Cream Cheese Salmon Pasta Recipe

So I’m just back from Florence and had a blast. I’ll probably do a write up somewhere as I had some awesome food. Everything from bistecca alla fiorentina, gelato, pizza and of course pasta. I would have thought that after 7 days in 30 degree heat and scoffing my face with Italian food and their lovely chianti wine that I would be sick of pasta at this stage but I guess I haven’t got it all out of my system just yet.

This evening, I decided to make a cream cheese (or Philadelphia) sauce with salmon and fettuccine pasta dish. Continue reading

puff pastry jambons

Ham and Cheese Jambon Recipe

One of my favourite snacks from any deli counter, I have a weakness for ham and cheese jambons. Be it in the morning after feeling hungover from the night before or as a lunch time snack, you just can’t beat a good ham and cheese jambon.

I had some left over puff pastry from when I made another recipe so decide I’d use it up by attempting to make these delicious ham and cheese jambons. It was surprisingly easy to make and only took 15 minutes in the oven. Continue reading

pulled pork melt off the bone

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Recipe

Here is my slow cooker pulled pork recipe. Pulled pork is one of my favourite slow cooker recipes. It’s simple to cook and the beauty is the longer you leave it in the slower cooker, the more tender the meat is. Cider, some spices and a nice big slab of pork are all the ingredients you need.

Preparation is key, the longer you leave the meat to marinade, the better the taste. I normally marinade the piece of pork the evening before I cook it. I use a simple blend of spices that I throw on the meat and leave in the fridge overnight. Continue reading