enjoy yeast free pizza dough

Yeastless Pizza Dough

I hope you enjoy my yeastless pizza dough recipe below. I’m a big fan of pizzas and make them all the time at home when I have the time. The no yeast pizza dough is super easy and can be made when you’re in a rush or simply don’t have enough time to let the dough rise.

I really enjoy making pizzas from scratch, I normally leave it until the weekend when I have a bit of time and can plan it out. This is because the dough recipe I use (courtesy of Jamie Oliver here) requires me to leave the dough rise for an hour. This week, I was in a rush but was craving a pizza so decided to experiment with a dough that didn’t require yeast which meant I could make the dough quickly, stretch it out and put it straight into the oven.

This yeast free pizza dough recipe is really simple. Add all the ingredients into a bowl for your food mixer with a dough hook attachment and let that do the work for you. Don’t be afraid if it isn’t coming together, the key is giving the mixer time to blend it altogether. From experience, this can take up to 7 or 8 minutes before it starts to take the form of a dough, so resist the urge to add more water or flour for the time being. This dough will come out crispy and perfect every time!

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Fried Tofu Recipe with Soy Sauce

Pan fried tofu is one of my favourite accompanying dishes in a traditional Chinese meal. Unlike western cuisine, in Chinese home cooking, you share a wide variety of dishes with your guests. They’re left in the middle of the table and each person has their own rice bowl and can take from any of the dishes in the middle. Meaning that you can try each and every delicious plate that’s been prepared.


Chinese dinner

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