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Cooking Pizza on Barbecue

In this post I’m going to talk about cooking pizza on barbecue. So in recent posts, I’ve been focusing a lot on pizza! Who doesn’t love a delicious thin base pizza with lashings of cheese, salami and some tomato sauce. You can check out some of my posts including healthy pizza toppings, my duck pizza recipe and my yeastless pizza dough recipe for some inspiration or ideas on what to make. I’ve cooked pizzas and garlic breads in my barbecue with a pizza stone for a few months now. Ever since a friend mentioned that it was worth trying, I decided to give it a go and experimented with different techniques until I got some really decent and consistent results. I have not looked back since! I always had a pizza stone that I used in our electric oven and found it to be ok, when compared to a metal tray, it made a small difference to the base, nothing special but where it really showed a huge improvement was in the barbecue.

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oven baked pizza

Aldi Pizza Oven Review

Here is my Aldi pizza oven review. Hope you enjoy!

pizza oven review

Aldi’s Pizza Oven

Update – some people have asked where the best place to buy this is since they have stopped selling them in Aldi as it was a special buy. I’ve found a similar oven made by La Hacienda which can be purchased in Argos. The La Hacienda multi function oven is very similar in both shape and design. It is also available on Amazon and other online retailers.

So with the summer here in full swing, I decided to take a punt on an outdoor pizza oven that was available in Aldi for the grand total of €139 during one of their special buys. It’s far from the traditional Italian pizza ovens that can be purchased for well in access of €1,000 – €2,000 but this was worth a gamble at the price and it has certainly paid off! I’ve used this a few times since buying it and have made delicious pizzas every time.

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