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Welcome to the Insane Kitchen.

Insane Kitchen

Here you’ll find some ramblings, some recipes I enjoy cooking and make from scratch, some crappy iPhone photos of food I’ve cooked and some other food related stuff. I try to keep the instructions simple and tend to taste the food and use my own judgment to decide if it needs anything extra as I go along but I’m sure you’ll find the recipes useful and delicious if you try them. If you have a question, feel free to leave me a comment, I’m normally pretty good at replying and I’m happy to help.


I’m 30, Chinese born Irish, I love cooking, buying expensive kitchen stuff and of course eating!

I developed a love of cooking from an early age, inspired by my Grandmother who used to cook some amazing traditional Chinese dishes that I had the privilege of being past down to me. She really was a wonderful cook that really enjoyed preparing homely meals for us to share.

Most of my family are in the restaurant or takeaway business so I guess the love of food must run in the family.

I enjoy making and eating everything from traditional Chinese dishes, to Mexican fajitas, to baking croissants and even the odd takeaway dinner too.

spice box also known as munchy box or mega box or spice bag

Spice box from our local Chinese takeaway – lovely

I setup this site up because I’ve a terrible memory. Over the past few years, I’ve saved all of my recipes and notes on my laptop or wrote them down on scraps of paper which I always lose. So I thought it might be a good idea to throw these into one place and maybe they’ll be of use to other people who stumble across my website. Please do excuse some of the badly taken pictures I have, I’ve been taking better snaps of some of the dishes I’ve made and while I’m cooking too as I think that may help people who decide to try some of these dishes.

I’ll update from time to time with recipes I’ve tried and other random posts.

Hopefully you will find something useful on this site!