Aldi Pizza Oven Review

Here is my Aldi pizza oven review. Hope you enjoy!

pizza oven review

Aldi’s Pizza Oven

Update – some people have asked where the best place to buy this is since they have stopped selling them in Aldi as it was a special buy. I’ve found a similar oven made by La Hacienda which can be purchased in Argos. The La Hacienda multi function oven is very similar in both shape and design. It is also available on Amazon and other online retailers.

So with the summer here in full swing, I decided to take a punt on an outdoor pizza oven that was available in Aldi for the grand total of €139 during one of their special buys. It’s far from the traditional Italian pizza ovens that can be purchased for well in access of €1,000 – €2,000 but this was worth a gamble at the price and it has certainly paid off! I’ve used this a few times since buying it and have made delicious pizzas every time.

The manual states that you can use it for smoking foods and barbecuing as well as using it with the pizza stone for cooking delicious pizzas. I haven’t tried it for smoking foods or barbecuing yet, but I will try it at some stage in the future.

The pizza oven comes flat packed so a bit of assembly is required. The instructions are straight forward to follow and it’s really easy to assemble. It took me 30 minutes to put it together on my own. It’s sturdy, solid and well built. It mentions in the instruction booklet that you should cover it as it is prone to rust, so I’ll be buying a generic BBQ cover soon to throw over it for the winter months.

pizza oven

Here it is assemble. Excuse the mess in the garden!

There are four main components to the pizza oven:

  • A tray at the bottom where the embers and ash deposit which makes cleaning up really simple.
  • The fuel chamber where you put your charcoal or non treated fire wood. There are vents on the door which allow you to regulate the air flow which is really important when trying to bring the oven up to temperature or maintain a desired temperature. The chamber can hold up to 3KG’s of fuel according to the manual which is more than enough for getting some good heat.
  • Then there is the oven where you can place your pizza stone or you can remove the stone and use it like a conventional BBQ with the stainless steel grates that come with it.
  • The last component is the chimney which has a vent to regulate the chimney opening. Leave it open when bringing your oven up to temperature and then move it to the closed position to maintain the heat within the oven chamber.

Lighting the fire is easy, stick some coal or non treated fire wood into the chamber and light, open the vents to allow the air to circulate. If you’re using wood, it will come up to temperature in around 10 or 15 minutes. It takes a bit longer for charcoal as you need it to turn white before coking. You can easily maintain the heat by putting in more wood while you’re cooking.


You can use charcoal or wood in the pizza oven

The pizza stone is big enough to cook a single 9 inch or 10 inch pizza at a time. The great thing about this oven is that it takes only 2 to 3 minutes to cook a thin base pizza.

Cooking with the pizza oven is really enjoyable and simple once you get the hang of regulating the heat and temperature. We made the pizza dough from scratch and then rolled out the individual pizzas onto baking parchment which made transferring pizzas in and out of the oven really easy. It’s always best to leave the pizza stone in the oven as it heats up. Keep the oven door closed to retain the temperature and try not to peak in at the pizza while it’s cooking as the heat will escape. The oven itself needs to be up at around 250 degrees to cook some nice crispy thin base pizzas. It’s was a doddle to reach this temperature with the oven.

oven temperature

Pizza oven reaching 300 degrees

In summary, I am really impressed with this oven. I had friends over for some pizzas and they were all chuffed with the results. Definitely a good purchase and something I’m hoping to keep using during the good weather. It’s a great alternative or compliment to a barbecue

I’ll be posting some of the pizza recipes I’ve made in the oven over the next few days so feel free to subscribe! Just an update – here are some of my other posts which might be helpful to get the most out of your pizza oven:

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oven baked pizza

Ham and mushroom pizza

garlic bread

Garlic bread made in the pizza oven

pizza stone

Pizza going into the oven

wood fire pizza

Delicious pizza

10 thoughts on “Aldi Pizza Oven Review

    • I tried using mine for the first time yesterday. Everything was covered in soot, and pizza base burnt. What am I doing wrong?

      • Hi there, we used ours over the weekend and it worked out pretty well.

        Just two questions:

        What type of fuel were you using? Wood, charcoal?

        And what was the thermometer reading?

        The pizza base can burn if it’s at too high a temperature and you leave the pizza in too long. Normally, if the oven is at 250/300 degrees, 2.5 to 3.5 minutes is more than enough to cook the pizza without burning the base.

  1. Bought on after friends recommended this oven. Not available online but sourced one in store who were incredibly helpful.. First time ‘tried’ to light oven with wood 3 hours later no success. Then looked at you-tube for advice and hey presto brilliant fire, heat gorgeous woody smell and great pizza. It was fun. social, relaxing and different and really amazing oven for the money-good as the celebrity ones at four times the price. Love it highly recommend it.

  2. I was getting a charred base on quite a few pizzas. I bought a circular metal cooling tray from lidl for €3.50, put the pizza on that which leaves it a centimeter off the stone. All perfect!

  3. How do you get the pizzas onto the stone (when the stone is in the hot oven?).
    Tried to ‘slide’ pizzas in but to no avail. Anyone using a pizza shovel?

    • The trick I use is to roll the pizza onto baking paper and then that makes it easier to transfer and slide onto the stone. Just make sure you cut around the edges of the baking paper so it doesn’t hang over the edge of the stone and catch fire.
      A pizza shovel is very handy and can be picked up on Amazon or failing that, use a glass chopping board and pick up the baking paper at the edges to transfer to and from the oven.

      If you don’t use baking paper, you can always put some semolina flour on the base which will help the pizza slide a bit easier.

  4. I haven’t tried cooking on mine yet. Actually had to return the pizza oven to Aldi as a number of the screw holes would not line up in order to construct it. Only purchased it 2 weeks ago and finally had time to construct it over the last few days. Expected it would only take an hr or so, turned into a frustrating 8 hrs with no success

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