Biosnacky Germinator Jar Review

I noticed this a vogel biosnacky germinator jar for sale in one of my local health shops here in Dublin. Being a fan of beans and sprouts, I decided to buy it and try it out. A germinator jar is basically a jar you can use to grow your own sprouts in doors. Growing sprouts indoors is really simple and doesn’t take much work or maintenance.

With it, I purchased some mung beans and some red clover seeds to try out in the germinator. The jar was only €6.80 and each pack of seeds or beans were around €2, so just over €10 in total. Not bad, when you consider a stir fry bag of beansprouts in some supermarkets are over €3 a bag and not the freshest produce.  Research I did after showed that there are some places on line that sell the jar a bit cheaper too.


A Vogel Biosnacky Germinator Jar Contents

Nourish on Wicklow Street was where I purchased the jar, they also sold a variety of beans including alfalfa, a sport mix, detox mix, aromatic mix among others. Prices range from €1.80 to €2.30 for a pack of seeds. You can see their range of germinators and sprouts here. I have no affiliation with Nourish, but I do find they do a good range of health foods. You can also buy beans and seeds from other sources such as ethnic food shops. Just make sure you wash them thoroughly as they can hold harmful bacteria.

Sprouts are a great addition to salads, stir fries, noodles, fried rice dishes and other healthy meals so I thought it would be a nice idea to try grow some of my own and see how I get on.

My Dad has grown his own beansprouts in the past by using a colander, adding beans or seeds and using some fine mesh to cover it and running water through it a few times a day. He leaves it in a dark place and day by day, you can notice the sprouts growing. They were lovely and crunchy. This germinator jar does the exact same thing but in smaller portions which is ideal. The stand also makes it easy to drain the water without making a mess.


Biosnacky Germinator Jar

The A Vogel Biosnacky germinator jar comes with a glass jar, plastic sieve lid and instruction booklet in the box. Instructions are in multiple languages too.

My first experience is with the mung beans. I’ll update this post as I go, as I’m only on day 3 having purchased the jar two days ago.


Lid of the germinator jar

Instructions on using the germinator jar are pretty simple, here is an outline of what I am doing with mine:

  1. Rinse 2 tablespoon of beans thoroughly for a few minutes under cold water
  2. Place them in the jar, put on the lid and fill with water, leave the beans to soak for 12 hours or overnight
  3. Remove the water after 12 hours and fill the jar with water, turn upside down on the lid and leave the water to run out
    1. Repeat this step twice a day (some beans will need more/less water, the instructions on the seeds will highlight the frequency)
  4. That’s it! It really is that easy, after a few days, you should start to notice shoots and sprouts coming from your beans.



Germinator jar inversed to allow water to escape


It’s inexpensive and will hopefully yield some lovely sprouts for salads and other dishes. It is really simple to use and the instructions are clear. It’s small too so doesn’t take much room on the work top. Seed packets can be purchased in local health shops or online and they’re also really cheap. Of course, you don’t need a jar to grow sprouts and seeds, heres a good how to guide online. But for the relatively cheap price, I think it’s worth the investment.


Beans in the germinator jar


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