Borago Chile Review

Here is my Borago Chile Review

Borago in Santiago, Chile, is rated as the 36th best restaurant in the world according to this website. On a recent work trip to Santiago, I had the pleasure of visiting this fine restaurant and it is an experience I will never forget. Luckily, I work with a like minded bunch of foodies who all enjoy new experiences. We had one free night in Santiago and decided that this was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit this restaurant. A few email exchanges later and we were confirmed for a Tuesday evening. I did some reading up on Borago on Tripadvisor and other reviews left for this restaurant and it got me even more excited. Every review I read gave it great feedback and it certainly did live up the expectation and the hype.

One thing that struck me about restaurants in Chile and perhaps South America in general is that they tend to eat a lot later than back home in Ireland. Dinner service normally starts between 8 and 830PM and the restaurant only starts getting busy after about 9!

borago restaurant

Borago Restaurant, located on Nueva Costanera 3467, Vitacura, Región Metropolitana, Chile

On arrival, we were greeted by many of their wonderful staff, all were really polite and made us feel really welcome. We were brought to our seats and our waiter came over and introduced himself. Unlike traditional restaurants, where you’re handed a menu and are given the choice to select what you’d like. Our waiter simply told us what the options were. There were two tasting options, one with 6 courses or the other with 16, yes sixteen courses! We decided we’d go all out and went for the 16 course option and the accompanying tasting wines. There were also tasting juices too if you preferred a non alcoholic option. If I get the chance to go again, I’d definitely try those.


A view of the kitchen. They must have had at least 10 chefs in there that evening.

So onto the dinner service. I tried to take pictures of each course and add a brief description underneath each, I may have missed a few details of what each was due to being in awe of the food. I’ll say again that all the staff were really helpful and nice! They made the experience really wonderful!

One thing I’ll mention is that it was so hard to try to explain this experience to anyone, you really have to go and try it for yourself to really get a feel for the imagination and creativity of the chef – Rodolfo Guzmán


Bolivian Rain Water

We were first given some Bolivian plains rain water which, if I’m honest, tasted exactly like water, but I guess it was interesting that they’d server rain water. It’s certainly one of the most exotic types of water I’ve heard of!

Mushroom, mint, seaweed and bread

Mushroom, mint, bread and seaweed


Potato skin with a stuffing

Garlic coriander tomato bread

Bread served with a garlic, coriander and tomato paste

Squid with fried seaweed

This is the nicest squid I had that was served in a cream sauce and burnt seaweed, one of my favourite dishes of the evening

oyster and onion

Oysters and onion wrapped in a sheet of ice. You have to be quick and eat it in one mouthful before the ice melts

walk on the seafront

4 different flavours from the sea, I can’t even remember what this was, but it was delicious

3 rocks in a bowl

These are rocks in a broth, actual rocks! The one at the back has something baked on which you scrap off and eat. I’ve never had anything like it!


This was how they cooked their lamb, right outside the restaurant

conger eel

Conger eel and rose petals soaked in liquor, on a bed of seaweed

fresh berries

Dishes start to move inland, away from the sea. This is a wild berries with mini flowers on a light crust type pastry

lamb with berries

Lamb and berries on a bed of toasted leaves. The lamb had such an intense and amazing taste


Another magnificent looking dish

Aloe Vera and Cucumber

Aloe vera and cucumber soup

Three Types of Milk

Starting to move into the deserts. There is three types of milk in this dish.

Fig ice cream

Mushroom ice cream


Frozen chocolate balls

liquid nitrogen desert

I couldn’t capture the theatre, but these had a lot of smoke coming from them for maximum theatrical effect

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