Breakfast ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here is a list of my breakfast ideas and recipes I have added to Insane Kitchen. I only get a chance to cook breakfast maybe once a week if I’m lucky. Most mornings, when I’m in a rush to get to work I’ll eat some porridge or boiled eggs but on the weekends, I like to get up a little early and spend some time cooking up some nice dishes like the ones below for a great kick start to the day.

One of my favourite recipes is my ham and cheese jambon recipe. Such as simple dish and all you need is some puff pastry, ham and cheese. There is nothing like the smell of these jambons filling up your kitchen on a Saturday morning.

Another favourite of mine is pancakes. Apart from making these on pancake Tuesday, I love making some lovely savoury pancakes, topped with ham or bacon and cheese.

If you’re not a breakfast person, you can always try some of these dishes for lunch or even for dinner (I know I have in the past!) The focaccia bread recipe below is a favourite of mine for making sandwiches for lunch or for picnics when the weather permits in Ireland. It goes really well with some parma ham, mozzeralla cheese and pesto.

I really enjoy cooking and hope you find a recipe below that you can make and share with your family and friends. Don’t be shy to leave a message, feedback or ask a question, I’m pretty active and will get back to you!

ham and cheese jambon serving suggestion

Ham and Cheese Jambon – Enjoy!

Here are all my breakfast ideas and recipes I’ve added to my blog so far, be sure to check back soon as I’ll keep adding more when I get the chance.

Breakfast Ideas