How to Make Sausage Rolls

In this post, I’m going to explain how to make sausage rolls. This is a really simple recipe to follow and the sausage rolls go down very well for finger food if you’re having a party or for a naughty snack.

I grew up eating sausage rolls for lunch from my local deli counter, once I made my own though, I haven’t looked back. The store bought ones just don’t taste as good or satisfying as a fresh batch straight out of the oven.

All you need are four ingredients – sausage meat, puff pastry, onions and egg. There’s also plenty of ways to chop and change the recipes but the below guide will give you the instructions on how to prepare your filling, roll the pastry and bake. Do experiment with different types of sausage meat like sage and onion or different herbs and spices like parsley, thyme or spice it up with some chillies in the mixture.

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How to Make Pancakes

In this post, I’m going to explain how to make pancakes. Seeing as how it was Pancake Tuesday here this week, I decided to make some delicious pancakes… twice! Yeap, I really love pancakes and it’s been a tradition for us to make tonnes of pancakes every pancake Tuesday and stuff our faces. Continue reading

focaccia bread recipe serving suggestion

Focaccia Bread Recipe

Focaccia bread is a popular Italian bread typically topped with olive oil, salt, herbs and sometimes olives. I love eating focaccia sandwiches and since I’m not in Italy, it is quite difficult to find shops or bakeries that sell focaccia bread. I now mostly  make my own focaccia bread recipe when I’m craving a nice sandwich for lunch.

I used to work for an Italian company and did a bit of travel over to Rome and back for 2 years so I really got to try some really awesome food on my travels. This was when I was introduced to focaccia, I may have had it before back home but it never struck me enough to stand out. One of my favourite lunch spots in Rome was a small little cafe style shop that did focaccia bread sandwiches. These lovely sandwiches were topped with olive oil, olives, sun dried tomatoes, parma ham and smoked cheese. I’d often eat there for lunch every day I was working! Continue reading

puff pastry jambons

Ham and Cheese Jambon Recipe

One of my favourite snacks from any deli counter, I have a weakness for ham and cheese jambons. Be it in the morning after feeling hungover from the night before or as a lunch time snack, you just can’t beat a good ham and cheese jambon.

I had some left over puff pastry from when I made another recipe so decide I’d use it up by attempting to make these delicious ham and cheese jambons. It was surprisingly easy to make and only took 15 minutes in the oven. Continue reading

Easy Ham and Cheese Omelette Recipes

So I woke up this morning for a hankering for a big Irish Breakfast but when I checked the fridge, I realized quickly that I’d either have to go to the shop for stuff or cook something else. I decided on the latter and what better way to start your day than a nice big 4 egg omelette with ham and cheese. I call this, my man omelette.

This is a simple easy omelette recipe that you really can’t go wrong with. Well, I guess it could go wrong, I’ve made scrambled eggs before instead of an omelette as I didn’t put enough oil in the pan when I was cooking it. I’ve also burned the bottom of one omelette to a crisp which wasn’t really appetizing either. Anyway, I’ve learnt that a low heat will help not over cook it and throwing in a good helping of oil in the pan will make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom. Continue reading