Insane Kitchen – Two Years On

Well, time flies! It’s been exactly two years to the day since I set up this blog. I’ve really enjoyed sharing my food adventures and some of my recipes with you all. Some of my favourites from the past year include the sushi sessions, the Aldi pizza oven and also a good old fashion Irish roast dinner.

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Tani Sushi Review

Tani Sushi is a Japanese sushi restaurant located in the heart of Terenure. It is one of my favourite sushi restaurants in Dublin so I thought I’d post up my Tani Sushi Review and spread the word.

Tani Sushi Review Terenure

Tani Sushi in Terenure is open nearly 5 years now. It’s a huge hit among my friends and family. Each time we go, it is always busy so I’d recommend booking. Especially on the weekends. Any time I’ve gone without a reservation, the staff have been very helpful and have seated us within 10 minutes.

Dublin has a few good sushi restaurants, my favourite used to be Aya in the city centre. Aya has closed down now and was replaced by Yo! Sushi which I wouldn’t rate as highly as Aya or Tani, but that’s for another day! Other sushi restaurants I enjoy are Michie Sushi and Musashi but I tend to return to Tani as it’s close by and is always consistent with their level of service and food.


Spicy Salmon Roles


The restaurant itself is relatively small but that adds to the cosy and intimate atmosphere. The tables are well spaced which gives you and your friends a good bit of space between you and other guests. If you’re in the mood for staying in and eating, they also offer a takeout or delivery option which is handy. I’ve never used it myself but have seen a good few locals coming in to place and pick up their orders.


35 Piece Chefs Platter

Tani’s waiters and waitresses are always really friendly, they’re attentive and will always fill up your water glass or green tea.

The Food

Tani offers a wide variety of Japanese delights including Gyozas (deep fried dumplings), Katsu Curries, Teppanyaki dishes and traditional sushi. At this point, I’ll admit that I’ve tried most of the menu in this place and cannot fault any of the food.

The freshly made sashimi always tastes delicious, it can take a little time for it to come out but it’s not too long. The chefs are able to present the sushi beautifully. It almost makes you feel guilty to eat it.


What we typically order

Their sushi rolls are delicious and very filling. Some restaurants can disappoint with the amount of filling that goes into the sushi rolls in other restaurants, but not here.

Tani’s fried rice dishes are lovely. if I’m not in the mood for a feast of sushi, I’ll typically order the Cha Han with chicken. The Cha Han consists of fried rice cooked with chicken/prawns/beef and vegetables.

My Recommendation

If you haven’t guessed, I’m a huge fan of sushi. You can see some of my other sushi posts on my blog such as my:

My recommendation for what to order in Tani would be the Agedashi Tofu. This dish is prepared by frying chunks of Tofu in a light batter with soy sauce. You should also try one of their chefs plates, an assortment of nigiri, sashimi and maki. Last but not least, I’d recommend you try one or two of their sushi rolls. My favourites are the spicy salmon roll and the spider roll.


Agedashi Tofu

You can find Tani Sushi located at 93 Terenure Road North. Their website is I have no affiliation with Tani Sushi. I just enjoy their food!

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absolute animal

Dyson V8 Review

The Dyson V8 is Dyson’s latest handheld cordless vacuum. Being a technology nerd as well as a food lover, I thought I’d throw up my Dyson V8 review.

I purchased the Dyson V8 Absolute just over a month ago so I’ve given it plenty of time and put it through it’s paces in day to day use before I wrote this review. I thought it would be better to wait this amount of time just so the shiny toy bias wears off.

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Restaurant in Chile

Borago Chile Review

Here is my Borago Chile Review

Borago in Santiago, Chile, is rated as the 36th best restaurant in the world according to this website. On a recent work trip to Santiago, I had the pleasure of visiting this fine restaurant and it is an experience I will never forget. Luckily, I work with a like minded bunch of foodies who all enjoy new experiences. We had one free night in Santiago and decided that this was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit this restaurant. A few email exchanges later and we were confirmed for a Tuesday evening. I did some reading up on Borago on Tripadvisor and other reviews left for this restaurant and it got me even more excited. Every review I read gave it great feedback and it certainly did live up the expectation and the hype.

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oven baked pizza

Aldi Pizza Oven Review

Here is my Aldi pizza oven review. Hope you enjoy!

pizza oven review

Aldi’s Pizza Oven

Update – some people have asked where the best place to buy this is since they have stopped selling them in Aldi as it was a special buy. I’ve found a similar oven made by La Hacienda which can be purchased in Argos. The La Hacienda multi function oven is very similar in both shape and design. It is also available on Amazon and other online retailers.

So with the summer here in full swing, I decided to take a punt on an outdoor pizza oven that was available in Aldi for the grand total of €139 during one of their special buys. It’s far from the traditional Italian pizza ovens that can be purchased for well in access of €1,000 – €2,000 but this was worth a gamble at the price and it has certainly paid off! I’ve used this a few times since buying it and have made delicious pizzas every time.

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Insane Kitchen – One Year On

So it’s the first anniversary since my blog went live! Woohoo! This day, last year, I added a few recipes I had written including my lamb chops and spinach recipe and my steak sandwich. I’ll be honest, in the beginning, I wasn’t sure if this was going to be something that would fade out or if I’d stick with it but I’m really glad I’ve stuck with it so far. It’s a great way for me to relax and switch off for a while and I hope that some people reading have managed to find some nice recipes on the site and have found it helpful.

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sushi party food

Sushi Party Ideas

This is something that I recently did with a bunch of foodie friends, we got together on a Saturday night and decided to have a big sushi party which consisted of beer, wine, sushi, sushi and more sushi! We call it the sushi sessions, it takes a bit of preparation to get the ingredients and bits and pieces together so this post will go through what had to be purchased and what essential tools you’ll need to have a great sushi party, I’ll also link the sushi recipes we came up with.

sushi party ideas

Throwing a sushi party is a great way to get friends together, make and eat some delicious homemade sushi

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Biosnacky Germinator Jar Review

I noticed this a vogel biosnacky germinator jar for sale in one of my local health shops here in Dublin. Being a fan of beans and sprouts, I decided to buy it and try it out. A germinator jar is basically a jar you can use to grow your own sprouts in doors. Growing sprouts indoors is really simple and doesn’t take much work or maintenance.

With it, I purchased some mung beans and some red clover seeds to try out in the germinator. The jar was only €6.80 and each pack of seeds or beans were around €2, so just over €10 in total. Not bad, when you consider a stir fry bag of beansprouts in some supermarkets are over €3 a bag and not the freshest produce.  Research I did after showed that there are some places on line that sell the jar a bit cheaper too.


A Vogel Biosnacky Germinator Jar Contents

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fry spring rolls until golden brown

Cooking with Chopsticks

I’m a big fan of cooking with chopsticks. Being Chinese, I learned to use chopsticks from a very early age. It was just something that was drilled into me as most of the dishes I ate growing up weren’t served in the traditional western style of having your own portion served to you on your own plate. Typical Chinese meals consist of several main dishes in the centre of the table and everyone has their own portion of rice in their own bowl. You will use your chopsticks to take the noodles, meat, fish and vegetables from the main serving dishes and put them in your own rice bowl. It’s a bit like tapas but you’ve got much bigger portions. If you’ve ever tried dim sum in a Chinese restaurant, you’ll know what I mean.


3 beaten eggs

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Preparing Frozen Prawns

I love prawns or shrimps, be it a prawn cocktail, my prawn spring rolls recipe or salt and chilli prawns. You can normally buy frozen prawns or ready to eat prawns in a wide variety of shops and fish mongers. Here I’m going to explain the process of preparing frozen prawns

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