Cooking Pizza on Barbecue

In this post I’m going to talk about cooking pizza on barbecue. So in recent posts, I’ve been focusing a lot on pizza! Who doesn’t love a delicious thin base pizza with lashings of cheese, salami and some tomato sauce. You can check out some of my posts including healthy pizza toppings, my duck pizza recipe and my yeastless pizza dough recipe for some inspiration or ideas on what to make. I’ve cooked pizzas and garlic breads in my barbecue with a pizza stone for a few months now. Ever since a friend mentioned that it was worth trying, I decided to give it a go and experimented with different techniques until I got some really decent and consistent results. I have not looked back since! I always had a pizza stone that I used in our electric oven and found it to be ok, when compared to a metal tray, it made a small difference to the base, nothing special but where it really showed a huge improvement was in the barbecue.

Don’t get me wrong, making pizza in a conventional oven can yield some great results, but if you are looking for a delicious, well cooked pizza base, it’s hard to beat the results from using a pizza stone in a gas barbecue. I do use my pizza oven too, but sometimes when I’m stuck for time, I’ll revert to the gas barbecue for convenience and amazing results.

bbq temperature

Make sure your oven is nice and hot

Cooking Pizza on Barbecue

All you need is the following a pizza stone and a gas barbecue that has a lid.. You can buy pizza stones from any department stores, catering shops or online. It’s important that you have a good lid on the BBQ. A gas BBQ is much quicker to heat than a charcoal BBQ so that is my preference but you can use a charcoal BBQ if you wish. I prefer gas as it is easier to regulate the heat when compared to a charcoal. Another thing that is worth investing in is a good pizza paddle for transferring your pizzas to and from the barbecue. If you don’t have a pizza paddle, you can make the pizza on baking parchment and transfer it using the sides.

Of course you’ll also need your pizza dough and toppings too. Check out some of my other pizza posts for some inspiration. Note that your pizza dough should be thin and light, roll them and stretch them as far as they can go. If they are too thick, they won’t taste as nice.

The highest temperature my kitchen oven gets up to is 225 degrees but with my barbecue, I’m able to get up and over 300 degrees which makes a huge difference to how the pizza base cooks on the stone. It makes a huge difference and this is where I think the barbecue makes those pizzas stand out from a regular gas or electric oven pizza.

All you need to do when you cook your pizza is to light your barbecue and put the heat on high on all the burners. Put your pizza stone into the oven and close the lid, let the barbecue heat up for 15 minutes. Be brave, the temperatures should reach over 400 degrees. The pizza stone is now ready to cook your pizza.


Put your pizza on the barbecue

Regulate the heat so it stays at between 250 to 275 degrees with the lid closed. When the temperature is steady, lift the lid and put your pizza in and immediately close the cover again.

Leave for 2 to 3 minutes and do not open the lid. Each time you do so will cause the oven to lose heat and you don’t want that. After making the first two or three, you’ll get a feel for how long your pizza will take. A lot of factors will affect this including your barbecue, the thickness of your base and the quality and heat of your stone. So my advice is to keep track of how long each one takes and you’ll soon get a feel for how long you can leave the pizza in without it burning.

You will not be disappointed with the results! The pizzas will taste delicious and each time you go for a pizza, I’m sure you’ll go for the barbecue over your oven. That is, if the weather permits!

Enjoy your pizza!

Enjoy your pizza!

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