Insane Kitchen – One Year On

So it’s the first anniversary since my blog went live! Woohoo! This day, last year, I added a few recipes I had written including my lamb chops and spinach recipe and my steak sandwich. I’ll be honest, in the beginning, I wasn’t sure if this was going to be something that would fade out or if I’d stick with it but I’m really glad I’ve stuck with it so far. It’s a great way for me to relax and switch off for a while and I hope that some people reading have managed to find some nice recipes on the site and have found it helpful.

It’s encouraging to see the stats of the amount of people reading the blog and they seem to be increasing week on week, month on month. Touch wood this continues. For the next year ahead, I’ll hopefully add more delicious recipes and some more useful hints, tips and reviews. I’ve actually found that writing this blog has been a great motivator for me to try out new recipes and ideas with friends and family that I document afterwards.


Homemade fresh lasagne

I’ve also learned a lot about setting up a website, SEO, writing and maintaining a blog as well. I work in IT during the day so the learning curve wasn’t too steep but it’s been great fun so far and I’ll be continuing for the forthcoming future for sure.

A big thanks to my friends and family who have put up with me taking pictures mid way through cooking dinner and generally just supporting me with advice and tips with the blog. You all know who you are!

brown rice vegan sushi idea

Some delicious brown rice vegan sushi roll ideas!



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