Insane Kitchen – Two Years On

Well, time flies! It’s been exactly two years to the day since I set up this blog. I’ve really enjoyed sharing my food adventures and some of my recipes with you all. Some of my favourites from the past year include the sushi sessions, the Aldi pizza oven and also a good old fashion Irish roast dinner.

As I wrote last year, I really thought that this would actually fade out and I’d let it fall by the way side but I’m happy that I’ve kept it up over the past 24 months. I’ve learnt a lot and thinking of new blog posts or new ideas has pushed my boundaries and comfort zones to try new methods, ingredients and cuisines that I may not have tried in the past.

As for the stats of the site, for some reason, Google has ranked me lower for a few of my recipes, I was averaging over 200 hits a day but I’m down a bit, hovering around the 90/100 mark. So if you’re reading this and you like a recipe, please do share the link with your friends/family and on social media, it helps me get a few more hits to the site and also spreads the word, which was the whole idea of the site in the first place!


A big thanks again to my friends and family who have joined in the fun, helped me with some recipe ideas and paused for me while I get some snaps of the food before we dug in. You all know who you are! Thank you!

I’ll be posting some more recipes over the coming weeks so do subscribe, oh and if you have any recipe ideas for me, please do post in the comment section!


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