Lasagne Sheets Recipe

In this post, I’m going to explain how to make some fresh lasagne sheets from scratch. You only need 2 basic ingredients to make this very simple and easy lasagne sheets recipe. I used it recently in my homemade lasagne, you can check out my beef lasagne recipe here.

If you’re going to make homemade lasagne, you can certainly use the dried lasagne sheets or the fresh lasagne sheets from the supermarkets. I used to use these all the time regardless of if it was a beef, vegetarian or pork mince lasagne dish but the first time I made my own sheets, I was blown away by the rich, soft texture and lovely flavour and dimension it added to my dish.

Essentially, these lasagne sheets are just large sheets of pasta dough. Certainly, the pasta dough recipe I use has the same ingredients and is made in the exact same way with my pasta roller, with the only difference being that I don’t cut the sheet into smaller strands of pasta.

The following recipe will yield enough pasta dough for a large lasagne dish with 4 to 5 layers. For best results, I would definitely recommend a pasta roller machine. These can be picked up cheap on Amazon or in some specialities markets and range from between €30 to €50. Additional rollers can be purchased for making different types of pasta like rotini, vermicelli and spaghetti.

You can roll the sheets by hand but it will take extra care and attention to try and roll out the sheets as thin as possible. If you don’t get it thin enough, it might not cook properly or be a bit doughy in the middle, which you do not want. Using the pasta roller machine is fun and we have had a few dinner parties where we invited guests over to help and it’s always a huge hit.

The dough can be made the old fashion way or with a food mixer. We always use our trusty food mixer as it yields consistent results each time.

What we do as well is make a large batch of the pasta or lasagne dough and use 3/4’s for pasta one evening and have enough left over to make a nice hearty lasagne the following day.

Here is my fresh lasagne sheets recipe from scratch. The below portion size will yield enough pasta sheets to make a large lasagne with 4 – 5 layers of sheets.


  • 3 x medium eggs
  • 300 x grams of pasta flour (use strong flour if you can’t find pasta flour but I’d highly recommend tipo ‘oo’ flour. You can pick these up in Tesco or Marks and Spencer)


  1. Crack open and beat the eggs
  2. Add the flour into a food mixer and throw the eggs in
  3. Using a dough hook, set the machine on a medium speed and let it work the dough until it combines for 5 – 10 minutes
    1. Do not be afraid if it looks a bit dry, let the machine it work the ingredients and combine them. It will reach a dough like texture but just takes time – Trust me! I learned the hard way as I used to think it wasn’t the right mix and kept adding a bit of water or more flour which ended with disastrous results
  4. When the dough has combined to the correct consistency. Take out and knead by hand for a few minutes
  5. Divide your dough into smaller manageable sizes, cut it using a knife
  6. Using your pasta roller on the widest setting, roll a piece of the dough through, it will get longer as you narrow the settings
  7. Adjust the roller to a smaller setting and repeat until you roll the pasta through at the smallest gap setting
  8. Set aside until you’re ready to make your lasagne
    1. If you’re of the sheets sticking, dust them slightly with some flour or use semolina flour if you have it
  9. Enjoy!

300 grams of strong tipo oo flour for my lasagne sheets recipe


3 beaten eggs

Blend in a mixer for 7 - 10 minutes with a dough hook

Blend in a mixer for 7 – 10 minutes with a dough hook


Divide dough into smaller portions before rolling in pasta rolling machine


Roll small portions of dough through the machine


Repeat pasta rolling on each setting until you reach the smallest setting


Add fresh lasagne sheets to your homemade lasagne


Homemade fresh lasagne


Enjoy your home lasagne

storage and leftovers

Leave extra pasta dough in the fridge to use the next day for fresh pasta

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