Steak Sandwich Recipe

During the week, I typically don’t have the time to prepare a nice lunch. The weekends are a little bit different, theres more time to spend in the insane kitchen and I have a few tried and trusted lunch recipes I turn to like this easy steak sandwich recipe. Be warned though, this lunch will fill you up! It will take you less than 15 minutes to prepare this sandwich and will easily keep you feeling full until dinner time.

If steak isn’t your thing, you could try a pork chop burger, here is a recipe I always turn to: Pork Chop Burger Recipe.

Some people recommend seasoning the beef well in advance of cooking but for a recipe like this, I don’t find this necessary, afterall, this is meant to be a simple, quick and easy recipe to prepare and enjoy. You can prepare a nice peppercorn sauce to go with your sandwich, thick chunky chips go very well with this sandwich too. It’s all down to personal preference, or in my case, whatever I have in the fridge that goes well in a sandwich.


  • Steak (I typically use minute steaks but sirloin or round steaks are also delicious)
  • Ciabatta
  • Spinach or Rocket
  • Mozzarella Ball or Cheese (Cheddar/Mozzarella)
  • Garlic Mayo
  • Onions


  1. Preheat your griddle pan, make sure it gets really hot!
  2. Remove the fat from the steak
  3. Tenderize the steak with a mallet
  4. Marinade with salt, pepper and oil
  5. Grill or toast the ciabatta bread
  6. Cook steak 2 minutes each side (you can cook for longer if you prefer your meat well done. I like a bit of pink in the middle)
  7. Fry onions until softened and browned
  8. Cut up mozzarella ball into slices
  9. Serve with garlic mayo, mozzarella ball and onions or a nice peppercorn sauce
Heat the griddle pan - make sure it gets really hot!

Heat the griddle pan – make sure it gets really hot!

steak sandwich recipe

Enjoy the steak sandwich

Steak sandwich serving suggestion

Steak sandwich serving suggestion

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